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Division on Dynamical Astronomy

The goal of the American Astronomical Society Division on Dynamical Astronomy is the advancement of all aspects of dynamical astronomy, including celestial mechanics, solar system dynamics, stellar dynamics, the dynamics of the interstellar medium and galactic dynamics, and coordination of such research with other branches of science.


Next Meeting: 22-26 May 2016, Nashville, Tennessee
Nominations for the next Brouwer Award will be required soon! Time to start thinking about who YOU would like to nominate!
DDA Elections are just around the corner! If you'd like to serve on the DDA Committee, the Nominating Committee wants to hear from you!

Annual Report – 2014

I. Membership

The membership of the DDA, as of March 31st, 2014 was 346, of whom 15 are affiliate members. This is an increase of 22 members since last year! Several more members were added during the month of April, and we will update these numbers when the AAS provides the final count.

DDA members were saddened this year by the loss of one of our “founding fathers” – Dr. Raynor Duncombe, who died on the morning of July 12, 2013, in Austin, Texas.