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1997 Brouwer Award Winner - Scott D. Tremaine

It was announced that Dr. Scott D. Tremaine, of the University of Toronto, was the winner of the 1997 Dirk Brouwer Award of the Division on Dynamical Astronomy, in recognition of his many outstanding contributions to a wide range of dynamical problems in both solar-system and galactic dynamics. Among his major contributions to solar-system dynamics are predictions of density waves in planetary rings and the existence of "shepherd" satellites, models of the Kuiper belt and of the Oort cloud of comets, and pioneering efforts to carry out accurate numerical integrations of the long-term evolution of the solar system. His major contributions to galactic dynamics include studies of the stability of stellar systems, of the consequences of dynamical friction, of the nature of dark galaxy halos and their effects on warps in galactic disks, of the interactions of bars with other galaxy components, and of the measurement of bar pattern speeds. With James Binney, he is the author of Galactic Dynamics, a work which has become a classic and the standard reference in this field.