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2009 Brouwer Award Winner - Tim de Zeeuw

Tim de Zeeuw burst on the dynamical scene with an outstanding PhD thesis on the dynamics of triaxial stellar systems. His mathematically elegant description of the density profiles and orbits in separable Staeckel potentials invigorated the entire field and remains a cornerstone on which more recent understanding of elliptical galaxies is founded. Subsequently, he applied his physical understanding of orbital dynamics to the more complicated potentials of real galaxies that contain density cusps, black holes, etc. In more recent years he was one of the co-founders of the hugely successful SAURON project, which has revealed a rich variety in the dynamical structure of early-type galaxies that present fresh challenges to models for their formation. In addition, de Zeeuw has mentored an impressive list of students and other researchers over many years and logged an outstanding record of selfless service to the international community. His recognition through the Brouwer Award is richly deserved.

(Citation by J. Sellwood)