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2018 Brouwer Award Winner - James Stone

Prof. James StoneThe American Astronomical Society's Division on Dynamical Astronomy (DDA) is pleased to announce that the 2018 recipient of the Brouwer Award is Professor James M. Stone of Princeton University.

We recognize Professor Stone for the impact he has had on developing computational fluid dynamics into the de facto standard tool for research in many areas of dynamical astronomy. Both as a scientist and as a numericist, Professor Stone is widely acknowledged as one of the leading contemporary figures in astrophysical fluid dynamics. An essential aspect of Professor Stone’s leadership in this field has been his commitment to impeccable standards of testing in numerical work at every stage, from the initial physics algorithms, to implementation in a code package, to complex science applications. Professor Stone has developed a set of state-of-the-art computational tools that can be applied to investigate central issues in a wide range of astrophysical contexts. With their easy accessibility to the general community, his codes are widely used and have paved the way for major advances in our understanding of radiatively driven flows, MHD turbulent flow, and the theory of accretion disks. His theoretical insights have led to a much deeper understanding of the formation of stars from the turbulent interstellar medium, the structure and evolution of protostellar disks, the growth of dust to protoplanets, and accretion onto, as well as outflows from, massive black holes in active galaxies. Professor Stone has mentored many students and junior collaborators, and has served the astrophysical community through membership on many important committees.

Professor Stone will be invited to give a lecture at the next annual DDA meeting, which will be held at the University of Colorado, Boulder in spring 2019.