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2014 DDA Meeting - Travel

NB: The College of Physicians shows up as "Mutter Museum" on Google maps.

Local Transit

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) operates rail, subway, trolley and bus service throughout the region. Fares on the subways, trolleys, and buses are $2.25. Tokens, good for one ride (with transfers between subways and trolleys at some stations), can be purchased for $1.80 from vending machines at 13th, 15th, 30th, City Hall, and Walnut-Locust Stations [see system map and Center City transit map]. Day passes are available. Weekly TransPasses for unlimited subway, trolley and bus travel are for sale at 30th St., Suburban, and Market East Rail Stations for $24, but are valid for Mondays through Sundays only. However, they are valid on the R1 Airport line as well, so they may be worth while depending on your travel needs.

Getting to Philadelphia


We recommend against driving to the conference unless necessary. Philadelphia is a very walkable city with decent public transit, and the conference venue and hotels are in the heart of Center City. Parking can be expensive, and unless you have other business in the area, it is very unlikely you will need a car once you arrive.


Amtrak offers service to Central Philadelphia from Washington D.C., Baltimore, Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, Virginia, Delaware, and all points in between. All trains arrive at 30th Street Station in Central Philadelphia. If going directly to the conference venue, it is a short 5 minute walk [directions]. Many of the hotels are also within the walking distance. Otherwise, there is a taxi stand on 29th Street outside the station.

Air Travel

Philadelphia International Airport offers non-stop service from all major cities in the United States and many European cities as well, and one-stop service from most cities in Asia.

Alternatively, Newark International Airport is about 90 miles from Philadelphia. There is an Amtrak Station at the airport, which is accessible via the Newark Airport AirTrain.

Transportation to and from the Airport

Rental Cars

Philadelphia is a very walkable city, and the hotels are very close to the conference venue. Because parking is expensive and the Philadelphia Parking Authority is notorious for its efficiency in writing parking tickets, we recommend against renting a car. However, if a rental car is needed, see the "Rental Car" page of the Philadelphia International Airport.


Taxis to Center City cost a flat rate of $28.50 (plus tip). Taxis can be found outside of the baggage claim at all terminals.

Regional Rail

SEPTA operates rail service between the Airport and Center City (Airport Line, [see map]. Make sure to have cash ready for the tickets. When traveling from the Airport to Center City, tickets must be purchased from the conductor after you board the train. Tell the conductor you are going to Center City, the fare will be $8.00. When taking the train from Center City to the airport, it is recommended to buy the tickets at the station before boarding. The regular fare is $6.50 when purchased at the station, $8.00 if purchased on board the train. Trains depart the terminal stations every 30 minutes between 5:09 AM and 12:09 AM, and depart from 30th Street station back to the Airport every 30 minutes between 4:34 am and 11:34 pm, 7 days a week. There is a train station at every terminal except terminal F [see terminal map]. If you arrive at Terminal F you will have to walk to Terminal E. Follow the signs that say "Trains to Central Philadelphia" to get to the nearest station. You can get to the stations from the concourses to baggage claim, or from baggage claim directly (cross the street outside baggage claim toward the terminal). There are two platforms at each station, and you may board from either one. If going directly to the conference venue, get off at the 30th Street Station, it is a short 5 minute walk [directions]. Many of the hotels are within the walking distance from either 30th Street Station or Suburban Station. Otherwise, there is a taxi stand on 29th Street outside 30th Street Station.