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2017 DDA Special Session 1


Impact of Gaia Astrometry on Dynamical Astronomy 

Chair:  Norbert Zacharias (US Naval Observatory)

The European Space Agency Gaia mission will revolutionize our understanding of our Milky Way Galaxy by providing astrometric, radial velocity, and photometric data of unprecedented accuracy. The first data release came out in September 2016. Gaia DR1 results are of particular importance for the DDA community because they provide accurate reference stars for solar system dynamics, parallaxes and proper motions of millions of stars to probe galactic dynamics. They also provide a link for the defining, quasi-inertial, radio celestial reference frame. This session is extending the scope of the traditional themes of a DDA meeting to include a bit more astrometry and as such already has a large overlap with DDA interests at its core.

To express interest or to receive more information email session chair Norbert Zacharias (USNO).