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Accessibility at DDA 2018

It is important to us that our meeting be accessible to all. Please see the following information.

If you would like to discuss accommodations for any special needs (e.g., mobility concerns, lactation room, sign language interpreters, large print materials, single-person restrooms, dietary restrictions, etc.), please email Matt Tiscareno or Matija Cuk and a meeting organizer will follow up with you.  Advance notice may be necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs. 

Accessible bathrooms

The first-floor bathrooms, which are 35 meters from the main meeting room, are wheelchair accessible. Please be advised that these bathrooms are gendered.

Gender-neutral bathroom

Although most of the facilities we are using are on the first floor of the hotel, we have the use of a meeting room (the Chantilly Room) on the fourth floor of the hotel. This meeting room has a single bathroom that we will designate for general use as a gender-netural bathroom. This room will be left unlocked. Please be advised that this bathroom may not be wheelchair accessible.

Accessible hotel rooms

The hotel has accessible rooms available, and service animals can be accommodated.


Directional signs in the hotel have Braille and/or raised lettering.


All food that is served will have informational cards available, with information relevant to common dietary restrictions.


The lecture room has no stage, so there should be no mobility-related barriers for speakers.

The front entrance is 40 meters from the lecture room (Versailles) and 25 meters from the room for coffee breaks (Hangar Bar). The first-floor bathrooms are 35 and 20 meters, respectively. The lecture room and the coffee break room are 30 meters apart, and the elevators are between them.

Accessible parking is available. There are 2 accessible spaces adjacent to the front entrance, about 20 meters from it. There are 2 more accessible spaces at the left-hand end of the parking lot, about 50 meters from the front entrance.

There are 4 additional accessible parking spaces in the back, near the parking structure. Navigating the path from these rear accessible parking spaces to the meeting space requires passing through a meter-wide gap between a post and a curb, and navigating a door (either NB1 or NB2, as marked on the map) with no automatic opening mechanism. The NB2 door is right next to the hotel front desk, so the likelihood is high that someone will be available to open that door. The NB1 door is closer to the lecture room.

The fourth floor contains an additional meeting room (first-come first-served) and the gender-neutral bathroom. To reach this space, take the elevator to the fourth floor. It is 20 meters to the door to the Chantilly Room (marked NB3 on the map). This door will be kept ajar, but it is heavy and may be difficult to navigate for someone in a wheelchair. The door also has a jamb that is raised by approximately 1 cm.

For any accessibility-related questions, either before or during the meeting, please contact Matt Tiscareno ( I will give out my cellphone number upon request in person.

Annotated floor plans: FIRST FLOOR, FOURTH FLOOR