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Meeting Organizer Handbook: Checklist for a Meeting

  1. Select hotel and block rooms someplace
  2. Select site for meeting sessions
  3. Arrange transportation between hotel and meetings if necessary
  4. Be sure lunch is available near meeting site
  5. Make arrangements for meeting of Division Committee
  6. Arrangements for business meeting
  7. Location for registration table, bulletin board, message center
  1. Announcement of meeting — where, when, registration fee, approximate cost of banquet, proposed length of papers including discussion
  2. Meeting registration form — name, address, affiliation, banquet?, paper?, projection equipment
  3. Abstract/billing form (on one sheet) — with name and address to whom it should be sent
  4. Hotel registration card
  5. Miscellaneous announcements
  6. Deadlines for submitting each form
  7. Information about transportation from airport to hotel
C. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER (at least to those presenting papers)
  1. Paper accepted
  2. Time allotted for paper and discussion
  3. Guidelines for paper presentation
  1. Arrange for projectors (35 mm, overhead, 3x4), spare bulbs, screen, extension cord, microphone, tables for projectors, podium, pointer, blackboard, chalk, erasers
  2. Have personnel to set up equipment and for projectionists
  3. Arrange for coffee at breaks
  4. Select chairmen for each session
  1. Choose location (make certain of total cost — gratuity, tax, minimum number, etc.)
  2. Select menu
  3. Arrange for cocktails
  4. Select head table, toastmaster, speaker
  5. Arrange transportation or provide maps if necessary
  1. Arrange for abstract booklet preparation
  2. Personnel for registration table
  3. Name tags
  4. Receipt book for registration, banquet, etc
  5. Information brochures for local restaurants, attractions, etc.
  6. Have a file record for each person coming

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