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Meeting Organizer Handbook: Making It Happen

Putting a meeting together is just a matter of making a rough outline and gradually filling in the details. The final details are often decided on the spot during the meeting. Here is a timeline of decisions and actions which will lead to a well-organized meeting:

Timeline for Meeting Planning

Lead time Activity/Decision Who is Responsible
2 years Select Site Vice Chair
1 year Confirm site, local host, and dates Committee
Select Brouwer Awardee BASC and Committee
Program Committee formed DDA Committee
9 months Make list of possible invited speakers Program Committee
8 months Begin issuing invitations Chair
6 months Issue First Meeting Announcement Secretary
4 months Call for Abstracts and early Registration Secretary
2 months Abstract and early Registration deadlines
6 weeks Assemble meeting program and select session chairs Program Committee
4 weeks Issue preliminary program Secretary
2 weeks Late abstracts deadline
0 Issue final program Secretary

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