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Meeting Organizer Handbook: Choosing a Meeting Place

Surprisingly often, someone offers to host a DDA meeting at their home institution. In general, such offers are to be accepted with enthusiasm (unless the proposed meeting site presents some real or anticipated serious disadvantage). If no one offers to host an upcoming meeting, it may be necessary to beat the bushes a bit until a host is found. One of the jobs of the DDA Vice Chair is to line up a meeting site for two years hence, so that at a given meeting, both the next meeting and the one after that can be announced.

The Ideal Venue

  1. It's easy to get to.
  2. Lodging is available at or below the gov't per diem rate.
  3. Local restaurants are convenient and have great food at low prices.
  4. The meeting room is quiet, comfortable, and well equipped.
  5. There is a "break-out room."
  6. The banquet room is within walking distance of the meeting room

Making it Official

The acceptance of a proposed meeting site is subject to the approval of the DDA Committee.

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